Thursday, April 30, 2015

Winners Post!

Well I have a little catching up to do so I'm going to announce the March and April winners together!
We have loved seeing the participation grow on this little challenge blog and behind the scenes it really keeps us going to see all of our lovely participants - so 

March winners:

For our March Challenge we asked you to think green and this was a great "nice" card: 

Monika used embossing paste in a really cool way. 
Click here to see her tutorial!

And who's "naughty?"

Jane is, that's who!! 
Check out the details for her seriously naughty card HERE

April Winners: 

There were a lot of pretty cards in April, but the project today isn't a card at all... 
Check it out: 

Delphine did a lovely job on this Pinterest-inspired project. 
Check out her post here for more info! 

And because there weren't any Naughty cards that fell within our parameters 
we decided to pick another Nice winner!

Andrea made this soft and sweet card for spring and it's 
just lovely!

Thanks for stopping by and keep your eyes peeled for our next challenge.... 
In the meantime, ladies grab your badges and share them with pride!!