Saturday, May 5, 2018

Our Last Winners - and Prizes!

So long, Naughty or Nice players, we'll miss you! But we're leaving you with one last winners post, and some farewell prizes as well. It was great to see everyone who played this past month dig back into the Naughty or Nice archives to be inspired by one of our previous forty-nine challenges. So, before we all start crying, here are our winners!

Dawn went back to challenge #30: Feature a Creature. While Dawn tells a fun story on her blog about how her creature inspiration is a wee bit naughty, her card is just too sweet not be be considered nice. Here is another look at Dawn's creation:

Gail went back just one challenge, to #49: Drink Up (and who can blame her?). There's a cat, there's tequila, there's a fun sentiment - what else could one need? :P Here's another peek at Gail's card:

In addition to prizes for our two winners (as well as the now rare naughty and nice winner badges), we have a prize for one participant who played last month. We let be our guide:

Congratulations to Cindy Major! Cindy, Gail, Dawn — please email Jo at dottypudding at aol dot com for details on collecting your prize. 
Thanks to everyone who has played along with us from the beginning until now — so long, and thanks for all the fish!