Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Are You Ready For This?

Do you have a naughty sense of humor?
Or do you pretend to be nice?

We have a crew of ladies who are a bit of both and we were talking one day about a certain corner of our craft rooms where our naughty stamps like to hide. "Maybe we could start a challenge or something?" one of us said. And thus, the Naughty or Nice? Challenge was born. 

Every month we'll have a new challenge and we invite you to get out those off-color stamps that you think are hilarious, but are maybe to shy to post... Hey, no judgement here!! We want you to show us your best naughty creations. At the end of the month we will crown someone (insert name here) and perhaps, if you're extra naughty there will be a prize for you too!! 

Want to see what we're talking about? 

Here's a card made by our own Danielle Lounds

The recipient of this card would have to have a good sense of humor, right? 

Or how about this awesome CAS creation by Vera Yates:

You wouldn't want to give this to Grandma, that's for sure!

So stay tuned for our first challenge on February 1st and get ready to play dirty!